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Industry-specific Business Simulation Games by Revas are unique solutions on the educational market. They allow you to assume the role of a budding entrepreneur and make virtual business decisions. Just like the ones entrepreneurs face in a real business world.

I recommend Revas Business Simulation Games to entrepreneurship teachers in schools as well as academic teachers running classes in the fields of doing business, decision games and widely understood entrepreneurship.

dr hab. Piotr ZAWADA

Rzeszow Regional Development Agency,
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

In my opinion, Revas Business Simulation Games are remarkably efficient tools, generating high added value in the field of innovativeness and didactic efficiency. They appear as attractive and useful grounds to be used towards unlocking the potential of students for work in the environment that requires creativity and entrepreneurship. Revas educational games are important part of a didactic base for preparing students to work in dynamic and complex conditions of present-day economic realities. They allow participants to feel the spirit of management. Dictating business decisions of wide scope and increasing difficulty depict the nature of motivation and the necessity to generate profit much clearer than any standard school conditions. This is how the game introduces its participants into more tangible grounds of learning business.

Renata ŚLIWA, PhD

Academic teacher
Pedagogical University of Cracow

Working with students for more than 14 years, I know well how important and difficult at the same time it is to teach students not only the theory but how to use it practice as well. One of the solutions complementing the didactic process are simulation games that allow developing new skills while using the acquired knowledge at the same time.

The offer of Revas skilfully combines practical knowledge with simulated managing of a business under market economy conditions. Complex mechanics of the games, realism, influencing competitors’ economic situation as well as market conditions combined with high playability creates comprehensive solution for universities and institutions aiming at increasing their employees’ competence.


Academic teacher
Pedagogical University of Cracow

Revas business simulations are unique solutions on the educational market that enable students to play the role of a fledgling entrepreneur. I recommend Revas business simulations to entrepreneurship teachers in secondary schools as well as academic teachers running business or widely understood entrepreneurship classes.


Academic teacher
Rzeszów University of Technology

Revas simulations are inspiring and engaging decision games that allow participants to learn the subtleties of running own business. Based on my many years’ experience as a trainer, I can say that they are innovative and should be used by ambitious schools, universities, and training companies.


Pedagogical University of Cracow
University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów

Industry business simulations are professionally prepared up-to-date educational tools. They are a significant support for teachers who strive to make their entrepreneurship and business classes more attractive. Students get hands-on experience in running a business, carry out market analysis and make managerial decisions. The simulations fulfil the expectations of teachers and students. I recommend Revas simulations!


Secondary Schools Complex no. 1 in Rzeszów

Do you want to help your students understand how business works?
Do you want to introduce modern, interesting teaching methods?
Do you want to stimulate your students’ positive activity?
Well-thought-out and professional industry business simulations are the answer!
Try them, it is not hard!
I recommend them to all teachers with full conviction.


High School no. 1 in Łańcut

The simulations will make your classes more attractive and make it easier for students to acquire knowledge. Students can prepare for real life challenges in a simulated environment. They can meet and interact with customers and business partners in virtual reality. Players can check the outcomes of their decisions. It will help them learn to predict various situations in real life and react accordingly. This is an unquestioned benefit of using this teaching method. I strongly recommend simulations!

Elżbieta LEŃ

Secondary Schools of Economics Complex in Brzozów

Industry specific business simulations allow students use their knowledge in practice by means of business competition. By using simulations schools gain modern solutions that motivate students to learn and enable students to develop their business skills in their profession.

Andrzej KOWAL

Technical School Complex in Łańcut

Business simulations, first of all, teach how to think which is not common in traditional teaching. Simulations show fundamental laws of economics in a simple form. All decisions we make have significant effects on our results in every round. Running a virtual business lets us experiment with various strategies and ideas. It was an exciting experience and everyone should try it to fully understand the potential of this teaching solution.

Jakub LAL

University of Information Technology and Managementr

I think that business simulations are very innovative and attractive. The car garage simulation is not only engaging itself but also for everyone interested in mechanics and willing to start own garage it will be a real test. All simulations will benefit especially those who are interested or who are studying economics, trade or management. In most classes we have lectures and exercises but in the simulation we can see how all the mechanisms work in practice. Personally I believe the simulation was very entertaining because I like strategic games and running a business undoubtedly requires a good strategy.


University of Information Technology and Management

We liked Revas business simulation very much. It allowed as to face the problem of running a business for the first time and invest money without real-life consequences. The simulation helped us realize that if you spend money in a proper way, it can be multiplied and also to look at the business world from a different perspective. In my team we believe that it would be great if such simulations were used in schools as they give practice which is so much more valuable than just theory.


Electrical and Mechanic Schools in Nowy Sącz

Revas simulations are very interesting and you can learn a lot using them. They help us develop a vision of running our own business, what decisions we need to take and what are their consequences. Thanks to the simulation, we understood how to plan the portfolio of services we want to offer, how to forecast demand and use advertising. We learnt basic economic notions such as profit margin or accounting. Such lessons would be much more interesting because they require engagement in every round. I would be happy to take part in the simulation one more time and have the simulations in my entrepreneurship classes.

Małgorzata HESKA

Complex of Mechanical Schools no. 2 in Cracow

In general, I consider “Garage” Business Simulation successful. Learning in practice about market forces, optimal use of resources, depreciation was an interesting experience.


Secondary School of Communication in Cracow

I think that „Car Garage” business simulation would be very useful in schools because it allows students to see how running a business really looks like and teaches the consequences of making decisions as well as taking responsibility for your choices. It taught me to pay attention to details and helped me understand that you can’t take anything for granted in business.


Complex of Electronic and General Secondary Schools in Przemyśl

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