Hair salon

Hair salon simulation is dedicated for teachers of entrepreneurship and doing business esp. in vocational secondary schools with hairdresser’s professions.

Simulations allow students to learn the secrets of running a hair salon. Every student plays a role of an entrepreneur, owner of such salon, and makes decisions that all owners struggle with in their day-to-day reality. The fact that students compete with the companies run by their classmates is an extra motivation. In the simulation, students analyse the market to design an offer that will meet the needs of the customers, monitor competitors’ activity and manage their salons not only to be profitable but also keep high quality of their services, and satisfaction of both customers and employees.
The simulation enables training of skills such as entrepreneurship, group work, analytical thinking, making decisions under time pressure etc.

Scope of decisions:

  Design the offer of the hair salon
  Buy the necessary equipment
  Hire workers & set their salary
  Set the prices & discounts
   Advertise the salon in traditional media and online


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