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Revas simulations are inspiring and engaging decision games that allow participants to learn the subtleties of running own business. Based on my many years’ experience as a trainer, I can say that they are innovative and should be used by ambitious schools, universities, and training companies.

PhD  Marta Czyżewska

Pedagogical University of Cracow

Revas business simulations are unique solutions on the educational market that enable students to play the role of a fledgling entrepreneur. I recommend Revas business simulations to entrepreneurship teachers in secondary schools as well as academic teachers running business or widely understood entrepreneurship classes.


Rzeszów University of Technology

“Sometimes there is no harm in putting off a piece of work until another day. But when it is a matter of baobabs, that always means a catastrophe.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) Revas business simulations help students understand that running a business is ongoing process: there are no insignificant decisions, nothing that can be put off, everything matters. Thanks to the healthy competition between students, simulation is even more exciting and engaging. Teaching with simulations is a great choice. It would be a catastrophe not to use such well-prepared tools.

Grzegorz Turek

Vice principal/Teacher
Complex of Mechanical Schools no. 2 in Cracow

Do you want to help your students understand how business works?
Do you want to introduce modern, interesting teaching methods?
Do you want to stimulate your students’ positive activity?
Well-thought-out and professional industry business simulations are the answer!
Try them, it is not hard!
I recommend them to all teachers with full conviction.


High School no. 1 in Łańcut

Industry business simulations are professionally prepared up-to-date educational tools. They are a significant support for teachers who strive to make their entrepreneurship and business classes more attractive. Students get hands-on experience in running a business, carry out market analysis and make managerial decisions. The simulations fulfil the expectations of teachers and students. I recommend Revas simulations!.


School Complex no. 1 in Rzeszów

The simulations will make your classes more attractive and make it easier for students to acquire knowledge. Students can prepare for real life challenges in a simulated environment. They can meet and interact with customers and business partners in virtual reality. Players can check the outcomes of their decisions. It will help them learn to predict various situations in real life and react accordingly. This is an unquestioned benefit of using this teaching method. I strongly recommend simulations!

Elżbieta LEŃ

Secondary Schools of Economics Complex in Brzozów

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