Industry specific business simulations

Industry specific business simulations

Business simulations make entrepreneurship, and doing business classes more connected to students’ professions, interactive, attractive and practical.

Realistic decisions connected with professions

Students run virtual companies in industries that match their professions. For example, students learning to become car mechanics run a garage and future hairdressers run hair salons.

Wide range of decisions

Students make decisions reg. their business offer, they set prices, purchase equipment and materials, hire workers etc.

Increased motivation

Healthy competition between students in a class increases their engagement and motivation for learning.


Simulations allow students train and develop skills essential for effective learning and future work such as group work and making decisions under time restraints.

Tools for passionate teachers

Using simulations helps teachers make their entrepreneurship and doing business classes practical and attractive.

Above-average students’ engagement

Virtual businesses set up by students compete for the best result and place in a class ranking. This competition creates a desire for continuous improvement of the team’s results.

Teams’ results and automatic grading after every round

Teachers have ongoing access to the results of their students as well as their grades based on the quality of the teams’ decisions.

Educational entertainment

The simulations are designed both to educate and to entertain. Students consider learning with simulations more fun and engaging that traditionally-led classes.

Attractive design of the simulations

Simulations are graphically attractive as well as offer intuitive and friendly navigation to meet the requirements of teachers and students.

Learning tools for modern schools

Using industry specific business simulations allows schools distinguish themselves in the educational market and give their students a chance to learn with innovative tools.

Attractive form of transferring knowledge

Students receive tools to learn how to practically run a business. They make realistic decisions that influence their virtual firm’s results. Learning by doing.

Educational innovation

Simulations are used in schools in blended learning form. Classes led traditionally by a teacher are alternated with computer-based activities.

Access to simulations 24/7

Business simulations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any place in the world with a PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet.

Learn business practically

Remember, if you run doing business or entrepreneurship classes, business simulations are for you! For students learning to become a car mechanic choose garage simulation. For other professions – use one of our dedicated simulations. You need a simulation of an industry which is not in our portfolio? Contact us!

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